Kitchen Practical Tools Creative Watermelon Slicer Melon Cutter Knife 410 Stainless Steel Fruit Cutting Slicer

Item description


Creative Watermelon Slicer  Cocina Creativa Melon Cutter Knife

Blades are of high-quality 410 stainless steel materials, health, sharp and easy to clean. They are easy to cut a melon and suitable for various melons, And it is easy to clean .Non-slip handles offer great user convenience.

Feature 1:Not only can cut watermelon but also can cut other different melons

Feature 2:100% new and high quality imported blade and strong handle

Feature 3:it is easy to clean after using ,just put it under the flowing water is okay

Feature 4:These knifeare rustic, simple and easy to use

Color: As is shown in the picture

Material:Environmentally friendly plastic and 410 stainless steel bladeSize

Out Size:31.8cm

Inner Size:20.5cm


All picture of goods are real stocks goods ,and goods are enough stocks

Usage Instruction

1.Peel the top and bottom of melon to make sure it will not slide;  this is very important, or it will not be easy to cut and may break the slicer

2. Put slicer on melon and then push down to bottom, remember that the strength of two hands should be equal

3. Wash and dry it, make sure you can use it next time

Package included

1*Watermelon Slicer




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