BIGSUNNY Sashimi Sushi Deba Knife, German Stainless Steel Pro Slicing Knife, 9"Yanagiba / 7"Deba / 5"Utility, Rose Wood Handle|Kitchen Knives

9inch sashimi knife
sushi and deba knife
sushi and utility
deba and utility
7inch deba knife
5inch utility knife
set of 3 sushi knife

Product Description

Product Name: sushi knife set

9 inch sashimi Knife:Knife Weight-213g, Knife Length-15"/ 389mm, Blade Length-9"/ 237mm, Blade Width-1.3"/ 33mm, Blade Thickness-4.2mm.

7 inch deba Chef Knife: Knife Weight-278g, Knife Length-13"/ 336mm, Blade Length-7"/ 183mm, Blade Width-2.2"/ 56mm, Blade Thickness-4.4mm.

5 inch utility sushi Knife: Knife Weight-73g, Knife Length-10"/ 255mm, Blade Length-5"/ 128mm, Blade Width-1.1"/ 28mm, Blade Thickness-2mm.

Blade material: Premium German high carbon stainless steel DIN:1.4116 (X50CrMoV15).

Handle: Rosewood, solid wood.

Hardness: 58HRC.

Benefits of Our Product:

1.Filleting, slicing and cutting delicate food products such as raw fish or sushi rolls, without crushing or tearing its structure, requires the use of a special super sharp knife. For these purposes, a kitchen knife with a special design was invented in Japan - the Cook sashimi knife.

2.These are quality sushi knives with a long narrow asymmetric blade which allows you to fillet a whole fish in just one or two movements.

3.The required characteristics of a high-quality professional sushi cooking knife, Incredibly razor sharp, premium German high carbon stainless steel DIN:1.4116 (X50CrMoV15), Precisely tempered and stain resistant. Hardness reach to HRC56±2 with our High Tech Vaccum Heat Treatment. In addition,good balance and a non-slip wooden handle.

4. We offer the best gift option for chefs, both beginners and professionals, on any holiday. The sashimi knife with wooden handle is simply indispensable in a home or professional kitchen, and the stylish box in which it is delivered emphasizes the quality and high status of the present.

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