9PCS Silicone Kitchenware Cooking Spoon Soup Ladle-Egg Spatula Turner Kitchen Tools Cooking Utensil Set


Made of food safe materials with superior quality. 
Great flexibility to prevent scratching,scuffing or damaging your cookwares. 
High quality durable stainless steel. 
Handles feel sturdy in the hand while still being comfortably lightweight. 
Easy to clean- either a quick hand wash or dishwasher. 
The hanging loops is convenient to storage. 
Incredibly elegant design that will spruce up your kitchen. 
Help you meet your everyday kitchen needs and tasks.

Package Include:

1 * Spaghetti spoon (caliber: 6.5cm long: 34.5cm)

1 * Eggbeater (caliber: 6.5cm long: 32cm)

1 * Spoon (caliber: 7cm long: 35.3cm)

1 * Filter spoon (caliber: 10.3cm long: 36cm)

1 * Kitchenware bucket (caliber: 11.3cm long: 18cm)

1 * Food clip (caliber: 4cm length: 35.3cm)

1 * Slotted Shovel (caliber: 8.3cm long: 37cm)

1 * Scraper (caliber: 5.5cm length: 34cm)

1 * Soup ladle (caliber: 8cm long: 32cm)